Community Golf

Health, Fitness and Education through Quality Family Time

Golf is unique in that any one, any age and any gender can learn, enjoy and play together. Of course it’s fun to cheer for your kids from the stands and holler from the sidelines, but nothing’s quite like spending time in the fresh air while playing golf together with your family. Golf is a lifelong sport that allows everyone to play. The Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation strives to create opportunities for children to spend time with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. We believe time spent together is important for developing a sense of self, for passing on life’s lessons, and to create shared experiences.  Golf is a link between generations.

Health and Fitness

  • Golf is fun, easy and accessible for all ages
  • Walking a round of golf is a great way to spend time outdoors
  • Walking 18 holes is equivalent to walking 5 miles
  • According to a recent study, Golfers Live Longer
  • You can start at ANY age
  • Great opportunity to enjoy quality family time

For Education

  • Scholarships
  • Health and wellness education
  • Digital Inclusion Computer Education
  • Provide access to internet, technology, etc. and the educational tools to use it
  • Education for youth, seniors and everyone in between


Golf has often been labeled a rich man’s game. Fair or unfair, everyone agrees golfers tend to be successful. Lorena’s Links breaks this real or imagined glass ceiling providing a welcoming entry into the golf world for all.

LOGA Jr Golf 2014