In-School & Parks Programs


The programs developed under the supervision of Lorena Ochoa are geared specifically for the betterment of health, fitness, and education.

Lorena’s Links Park & School Program has partnered with SNAG Golf to bring the benefits of golf directly to children and adults who may not otherwise be able to participate.

Lorena’s Links will customize programs for each school, park and community recreation center and LOGF trains the schools and parks & rec staffs to conduct the programs. Our train-the-trainers program virtually eliminates all costs for the school and parks & rec districts making it possible for the children and families to enjoy and be included in the benefits of golf. Our partner PGA and LPGA professionals make regular visits to continue staff training and also spend time with the children and families. Additionally, we attach mentor programs for the children to ensure they have positive adult role models actively participating in their lives. This mentor program takes place at the schools, parks and community recreation centers and also at regularly scheduled field trips for the children and families to Lorena’s Links golf facilities.

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Check out our Park & School Program events